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Edward Noel Bogas
Ed Bogas.jpg
Born 1942-02-02
Birth Place
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases E. Bogas
Website ebogas.com

Ed Bogas is a American musician who has composed music for various media including video games. He has a sophisticated music style, being able to compose music in many genres including rock and jazz. Bogas worked for various game companies including Equilibrium and Spectrum Holobyte. He has also previously played as the keyboardist in the band "The United States of America".

In 1992, some of Bogas' music from The Music Studio (AST) was used in the infamous game Action 52 (NES) and Cheetahmen II (NES).

Some of Bogas' notable works are for the Fritz the Cat, Garfield, and Peanuts movies. He's also known for game soundtracks such as Action 52/Cheetahmen and Gran Turismo 4.

Music Development


Bogas created MIDI files in Super Studio Session, which were converted to Kevin Seghetti's Amiga sound driver.


Ed used The Music Studio (AST), in which music was entered in musical notation on a staff roll.


Bogas used his own program Super Studio Session.


Ed wrote the music in 6502 assembly using a sound driver by Jeff Lefferts.

For Action 52 and Cheetahmen 2, the games both borrow music from The Music Studio (AST). Ed was most likely not involved and the tunes were most likely used without his permission. His music was arranged by Mario Gonzalez.


Bogas created a MIDI conversion tool, which was converted to Chip Level Designs' audio driver.


Released Title Sample Notes
1984-??-?? Ducks Ahoy! (A8)
1984-??-?? Robot Odyssey (DOS)
1985-??-?? Hardball! (C64)
1985-??-?? Law of the West (A2)
1985-??-?? Law of the West (C64)
1986-10-31 Mississippi Satsujin Jiken (FC) (ミシシッピー殺人事件) Arranged by an unknown TOSE developer.
1986-??-?? HardBall! (MAC)
1986-??-?? Murder on the Mississippi (A2)
1986-??-?? Murder on the Mississippi (C64)
1986-??-?? PSI-5 Trading Company (C64)
1986-??-?? PSI-5 Trading Company (DOS)
1987-??-?? 4th & Inches (C64)
1987-??-?? HardBall! (A2)
1987-??-?? HardBall! (AMI)
1987-??-?? HardBall! (AST)
1987-??-?? HardBall! (DOS)
1987-??-?? PSI-5 Trading Company (ZXS)
1987-??-?? Tetris: Spectrum Holobyte (AST)
1988-??-?? 4th & Inches (A2)
1988-??-?? 4th & Inches (AMI)
1988-??-?? 4th & Inches (DOS)
1988-??-?? 4th & Inches (MAC)
1988-??-?? Card Sharks (C64)
1988-??-?? Tetris (A2)
1988-??-?? Tetris (MAC)
1988-??-?? TKO (C64)
1989-??-?? The Manhole (DOS)
1990-??-?? Faces ...tris III (AMI)
1990-??-?? Faces ...tris III (DOS)
1990-??-?? Faces ...tris III (MAC) Composer?
1990-??-?? Welltris (AMI)
1991-??-?? Action 52 (NES) Composer; Arranged by Mario Gonzalez and Javier Perez.
1991-??-?? Bo Jackson's Hit and Run! Baseball and Football (GB)
1991-??-?? Gunboat (AMI)
1991-??-?? Super Tetris (DOS)
1991-??-?? Wordtris (DOS)
1991-01-?? Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates: The Revenge of Captain Hook (NES)
1992-??-?? Cyberball (NES) Composer?
1992-??-?? High Command: Europe 1939-1945 (DOS)
1992-??-?? Super Tetris (AMI) Composer
1992-??-?? Super Tetris (MAC)
1992-??-?? Swamp Thing (GB)
1992-11-?? Road Riot 4WD (SNES)
1992-11-?? Wordtris (GB) Arranged by David Warhol.
1993-??-?? Cheetahmen II (NES) Composer
1993-??-?? Wordtris (MAC)
1993-10-?? Capcom's MVP Football (SNES)
2005-??-?? Gran Turismo 4 (PS2)
Unreleased Rap Quest (GB)
Unreleased The Vanilla Ice Game/Rap Quest (NES)

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