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* [[Dragon Quest In Concert]]
* [[Dragon Quest In Concert]]
* [[Dragon Quest On Piano Vol.I]]
* [[Dragon Quest On Piano Vol.I]]
* [[Suite Dragon Quest]]
* [[Dragon Quest Suite]]
* [[Suite Dragon Quest I & II]]
* [[Dragon Quest Suite I & II]]
* [[Symphonic Suite Dragon Quest I]]
* [[Symphonic Suite Dragon Quest I]]

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Composer Koichi Sugiyama
Arranger Takenori Yamamori
Programmer Takenori Yamamori
Released 1986-05-27
Format NSF.png
Game Dragon Warrior (NES)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

The Dungeon music plays whenever you're in a dungeon or either of the two corrupt locations (Hauskness and Charlock Castle). The tune dynamically lowers in pitch and tempo as descend the stairs to lower levels of each dungeon. This makes eight individual tracks in the NSF file (tracks 6-13), but each uses the same music data.




1 0:14
2 0:14
3 0:15
4 0:16
5 0:17
6 0:18
7 0:19
8 0:21

Dragon Warrior - NES - Dungeon.png

The song is featured in various renditions on the following albums: