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Doom - 3DO - US.jpg
Platform: 3DO
Year: 1996
Developer: Art Data Interactive
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For other games in the series see Doom.

Doom is an influential early first-person shooter game, with a fairly simple premise: you play a space marine, assigned to the Martian moon of Phobos, who is forced to take on and violently slay the demons of hell who've been unleashed by an experiment gone wrong, along with your zombified former colleagues.

Unfortunately, the 3DO port of the game is fairly infamous, and often considered as the worst version of Doom ever to be released. Developers Art Data Interactive initially planned an expanded version of the original Doom (DOS) with new weapons and levels, but soon found their original plans well beyond their capabilities, resulting in them subcontracting Logicware to instead produce a hastily ported version of Doom (JAG), programmed in just ten weeks on a minimal budget. The end result is a port with a very slow, choppy frame rate, gameplay that takes place in a small window, and controls that make it feel like Doom Guy is swimming in treacle, while making aiming so imprecise that it's difficult to hit the enemies, and near-impossible to detonate the explosive barrels you find dotted around the levels. The port does at least have better graphics than Doom (SNES) and more levels than Doom (32X), but that's about it.


Doom - 3DO - Title.png

The title screen. They got that right, at least.

Doom - 3DO - Game Start.png

The game offers four different screen sizes. This is the largest.

Doom - 3DO - Zombie.png

Wasting one of the zombies.

Doom - 3DO - Imp.png

This Imp is too shocked by the huge borders to notice the gun in his face.

Doom - 3DO - Small Screen.png

Want a more responsive game? A smaller gameplay window is the price you pay.

Doom - 3DO - Results.png

The results screen shown after each level.


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For all the things this port gets horribly wrong, the music is definitely not one of them. Because lead programmer Rebecca Heineman did not have the time or resources to resequence the original game's music, she instead had the port's producer, Randy Scott (who was a member of a band) create pre-recorded versions of the music which could be stored on-disc and played back when appropriate. The end results are a very impressive rendition of the original soundtrack, even if only about half of the tracks are present. The arrangements generally play at a slightly lower tempo than the originals, and one or two of them are in a different key, but this doesn't detract too much from the results.

While the port includes an arrangement of Sweet Little Dead Bunny, the Atari Jaguar port, which this game is ported from, does not include the ending sequence, meaning that the theme is not used in-game. Oddly enough, it seems that the music team decided to compose their own music for the Doom logo instead of using the one from the DOS original, but this new theme is not used either; instead, the title screen plays "Demons on the Prey."


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 At Doom's Gate Bobby PrinceBryan Celand, Randy Scott 2:05
02 The Imp's Song Bobby PrinceBryan Celand, Randy Scott 2:35
03 Dark Halls Bobby PrinceBryan Celand, Randy Scott 2:51
04 Kitchen Ace (and Taking Names) Bobby PrinceBryan Celand, Randy Scott 2:46
05 Suspense Bobby PrinceBryan Celand, Randy Scott 2:48
06 On the Hunt Bobby PrinceBryan Celand, Randy Scott 1:22
07 Demons On the Prey Bobby PrinceBryan Celand, Randy Scott 2:27
08 Sign of Evil Bobby PrinceBryan Celand, Randy Scott 2:28
09 Hiding the Secrets Bobby PrinceBryan Celand, Randy Scott 2:14
10 I Sawed the Demons Bobby PrinceBryan Celand, Randy Scott 2:24
11 Donna to the Rescue Bobby PrinceBryan Celand, Randy Scott 1:54
12 Untitled Bobby PrinceBryan Celand, Randy Scott 1:39
13 Sweet Little Dead Bunny Bobby PrinceBryan Celand, Randy Scott 1:01
14 Unused Logo Bryan Celand, Randy ScottBryan Celand, Randy Scott 0:09


(Source: 1, 2)


Doom Music

Doom Music.jpg


Game Rip





The 3DO version of Doom stores its music tracks as uncompressed AIFF files, meaning that the music rip is too large to be uploaded to this website. However, Rebecca Heineman has made the original music files available (along with the rest of the game's source code) here:


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Doom - 3DO - US.jpg
Title: DOOM
Platform: 3DO
Released: 1996-04-26
Publisher: Art Data Interactive


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