Dimitris Yerasimos

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Dimitris Yerasimos
Dimitri Yerasimos - 01.jpg
Born 1963-10-27
Birth Place Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality Turkish   Turkey.svg
Aliases Dimitri From Paris
Dimitri From Tokyo
Website dimitrifromparis.com

Dimitris Yerasimos is a Turkish musician and DJ who grew up in France.

In 1993, he worked on the music arrangements to Titus' Blues Brothers video game for the SNES.

Audio Development

Was done in midi the classic way limiting tracks to 8, then I provided game developper with sound bits and midi files that they entered into the game (that last bit, I don’t how)


Released Title Sample Notes
1993-??-?? The Blues Brothers (SNES) (ブルースブラザース)
1993-??-?? The Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure (DOS)
Arranged by Michael Knaepen.
2000-03-02 BeatMania Append 5th Mix: Time to Get Down (PS1)