Cyndi Lauper

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Cyndi Lauper
Born 1953-06-22
Birth Place New York, New York, USA
Nationality American   USA.svg

Cyndi Lauper is an American singer-songwriter and actress who achieved popularity in the mid-1980s. Some of her more popular songs include Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Time After Time, and True Colors.


Note: Since Cyndi Lauper is not a video game music composer, her gameography is in alphabetical order.

Released Title Sample
1985-??-?? The Goonies (A8)
1985-??-?? The Goonies (C64)
1986-02-21 The Goonies (FC)
1986-??-?? The Goonies (PC10)
1988-04-08 The Goonies (MSX)
1987-03-18 The Goonies II (NES)
1986-??-?? VS The Goonies (VS)