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* [[Doug Brandon]]
* [[Doug Brandon]]
* [[Frank Klepacki]]
* [[Mark Knight]]
* [[Mark Knight]]
* [[Manami Matsumae]]
* [[Manami Matsumae]]

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Creator Steinberg
Released 1989-??-??
Platform Atari ST, Falcon030, Macintosh, Windows 16, Windows 32, Windows 64
Website steinberg.net

Cubase is an audio mixing and MIDI creating program designed as the successor of Pro-24. The program was first designed for the Atari ST, but over the years has been upgraded and ported to several other platforms including the Atari Falcon030, and various versions of Windows and Macintosh. The program has been used by various composers to make video game music.


The following composers used Cubase:


Cubase is still copyrighted and sold by Steinberg. You may purchase the latest version on their web site.