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This page acts as a place-holder for the source of a game's audio credits prior to the game being added to the Wiki or a screenshot of the credits have been made. This page should be used when the following criteria are met:

  1. You have verifiable information about the game's credits, like an email from the developers, or excerpt from the ROM, etc.
  2. The game's main page doesn't yet exist.
  3. A complete set of screenshots have not been made of the game's credits, or the game's credits don't fully credit the audio staff.

When a game page is made, the information on this page should be moved to the Credits section of the game page. If no additional information exists here after a full set of screenshots of the audio credits have been made and uploaded to the Game Credits page, the game should also be removed from this list.

Games that do not credit the audio staff should be added to the List of Games Without Credits page if they don't have a game page, or should be added to the Games Without Credits Category if they do have a game page.

Game Notes
Turbo Tag (ARC) The file ttprog3.bin file contains ROM text credits. It has been confirmed with a programmer that this can be accessed in-game by entering a cheat code at the title screen. However, it is unknown what the code is.