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Computer & Entertainment, Inc.
Founded 1990
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan
Other Names C&E, Inc.

Computer & Entertainment, commonly known as C&E, was a Chinese developer based in Taipei, Taiwan, who developed unlicensed video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was founded by 郭啓鏞 (Guō Qǐ-yōng/Guo Qiyong/John Kuo) All of their games in the U.S. were published by American Video Entertainment, a U.S. based company that also produced unlicensed NES games. Sometimes, C&E would collaborate with Idea-Tek, another Taiwanese game developer who produced unlicensed NES games. C&E was known for producing the NES game Bubble Bath Babes, later re-released as "Mermaids of Atlantis".

In the USA, their games were usually published by American Video Entertainment. In Japan, their games were usually published by Hacker International (ハッカー・インターナショナル).

While C&E is still a company, they no longer make video games.


Music Development


Guo Giyong created a sound driver which used composers.

Audio Personnel

The following composers worked at C&E: