Chris Brighton

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Chris Brighton
Chris Brighton - 1.jpg
Born Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality British   UK.svg
Aliases Cris Brighton

Chris Brighton is a British musician who has worked on all kinds of media including video games. In 1991, he started working at Arc Developments along with their other 2 main composers Mark Cooksey and Andi McGinty. He left Arc in 1996 and then joined NMS Software for three years. Then he started working at Maygay Machines until 2003. Ever since then, he has been running his own freelance music business.


Released Title Sample
1995-11-23 World Masters Golf (SNES)
1996-??-?? Track Attack (DOS)
2001-09-28 Snood (GBA)
2001-11-14 Midnight Club: Street Racing (GBA) Sound Engineer
2002-05-29 Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf (GBA)
Unreleased The Incredible Hulk (SMD)

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