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* '''Ripper:''' [[User:Malvineous|Malvineous]]
* '''Ripper:''' [[User:Malvineous|Malvineous]]
* '''Recorder:''' TODO
* '''Recorder:''' [[User:GrungyGrizzly]]
* '''Game Credits:'''
* '''Game Credits:'''
** '''Sound code:''' {{Template:Credits|Jim Dosé|Jim Dosé}}
** '''Sound code:''' {{Template:Credits|Jim Dosé|Jim Dosé}}

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Platform: DOS
Year: 1994
Developer: Accursed Toys

Boppin' is a puzzle game where you must match blocks of certain types to remove them from a level, and you gain points for matching blocks in specific ways.


Boppin' - DOS - Title.png

The title screen.

Boppin' - DOS - Level 1.png

Early in level 1.



Despite the soundtrack being in MIDI format, the music was designed primarily for playback on OPL devices. As such, the recording has been [should be] made through the game's jukebox [Main menu, Credits, select composer's name].









01 Boppin Bop BOPBOP2.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 01:05 2.16 MB Download
02 Magnetic Fjords MAGNETIC.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 00:40 0.91 MB Download
03 Frustration FRUSTRAT.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 02:00 3.80 MB Download
04 Emotional Sapphire SAPPHIRE.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 05:23 12.23 MB Download
05 Boppin Opus #43 OPUS43.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 01:46 3.41 MB Download
06 Foundatis FOUNDAT.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 02:02 3.03 MB Download
07 Feltibunsmello FELTIBUN.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 01:32 2.80 MB Download
08 Stumblebum Density STUMBUM.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 02:51 7.62 MB Download
09 Star Bop STARBOP2.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 00:28 0.75 MB Download
10 Bumblebelly BUMBLE.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 00:53 2.33 MB Download
11 Skeptical Jelly SKEPTICA.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 01:12 1.88 MB Download
12 A Stab at Happiness STABHAPP.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 01:08 2.21 MB Download
13 Citystreets STREETS.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 00:53 2.01 MB Download
14 Dixiedreg DIXIE.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 01:05 2.16 MB Download
15 Lobero LOBERO.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 01:12 2.07 MB Download
16 Apogee Fanfare APOGEE.MID Andrew J. Lepisto 00:09 0.30 MB Download

The song titles were taken from the jukebox accessible from the game's credits menu. The track order is the same as the jukebox, with the addition of the Apogee fanfare at the end.


Game Rip






The music is located inside BOPPIN.RES, and was able to be extracted after the programmer, Stephen P. Lepisto, provided a small amount of source code which included the decompression algorithm and the original filenames of the songs (which are not stored in BOPPIN.RES.)

Audio Devices