Bits Laboratory

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Bits Laboratory
Founded December 24, 1985
Headquarters UK
Other Names Workss

This page is for the Japanese game developer. For the British game developer, see Bits Studios.

Bits Laboratory (ビッツ・ラボラトリー Bittsu Raboratorii) (not to be confused with the British developer Bits Studios) was a Japanese game developer formerly known as Workss. Some of their known games include the NES Ghostbusters and King's Knight. Their games were usually poor quality, containing many bugs and glitches.


Music Development


The first driver was programmed by Yoshiaki Tsuruoka and was used in their four earliest games; Ghostbusters, Kiki Kaikai: Doutou Hen, King's Knight, and Magma Project Hacker. It is unknown how the music was written, but it was probably written in 6502 assembly, like most other sound drivers on the NES at the time.

Later, Hiroshi Nakamura provided his sound engine to the company, and T's Music usually composed the music for their titles.

Audio Personnel