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Midway Games
Founded 1958
Closed 2009
Headquarters USA
Other Names Bally Midway, Bally Sente

Midway Games was an American video game company. They are known for the large amounts of games they have developed, spanning over a wide variety of consoles. The company started in 1958 developing amusement equipment. In 1973, the company began focusing on creating video games, mainly arcade and pinball video games. In 2009, Midway filed for bankruptcy and Warner Bros. purchased most of its properties and assets.

The company was known for producing games such as NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat, and the Cruis'n series.


Music Development


There were several ways music was created for Midway's video games:

For Spy Hunter, Bally's sound team wrote the music in assembly language on a HP64000.

For the game Cruis'n USA, Vince Pontarelli wrote his music in Performer for the Macintosh, using various sampled instruments, including guitar parts that he recorded live.

Audio Personnel

Bally Sente/Bally Midway

Midway Games

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