Audio Overload

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Audio Overload
Audio Overload.png
Creator Richard Bannister
Released 2001-??-??
Platform Linux, Macintosh, Windows

Audio Overload is a video game music player that supports 33 video game music formats. It was originally written for Macintosh, but later ported to Windows and Linux. The player does not support plugins and the only customization is the muting of channels. Like foobar2000, it has the feature of WAV conversion of all supported formats.

The formats supported include: AHX, AY, COP, DSF, GBS, GSF, GYM, HES, HVL, IMF, KSS, MDX, MOD, NSF, NSFE, ORC (TRS-80), PSF, PSF2, QSF, RAW (Rdos), ROL, RSN, S3M, S98, SAP, SCI, SNDH, SPC, SPU, SSF, VGM, VGZ, VTX, WSR, YM.


On modern Linux systems using PulseAudio, if Audio Overload does not output any sound, you may need to launch it with the padsp wrapper, as explained the ArchLinux wiki.


Version Download Platform
2.0 Download - (info) Linux (32-bit)
2.0 Download - (info) Linux (64-bit)
2.0 Download - (info) Macintosh
2.0 Download - (info) Windows (32-bit)
2.0 Download - (info) Windows (64-bit)