Atsushi Mihiro

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Atsushi Mihiro
Atsushi Mihiro - 1.jpg
Local 見廣 篤 (みひろ あつし)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Phase Out

Atsushi Mihiro is a sound engineer at Phase Out, a company he founded and continues to run today.

Operating a variety of sound-related services from music production to hosting an internet radio, his work on video games (particularly the handling and encoding of audio samples) was what eventually led to his current business of authoring CDs and DVDs.


Released Title Sample Notes
1992-11-27 Trip World (GB) (トリップワールド) Music Composer
1994-03-11 Sugoi Hebereke (SFC) (すごいへべれけ) Tokyo Recording
1995-01-24 Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors (ARC) Music Coordinator
1996-11-20 Waku Waku 7 (ARC) (わくわく7) Music Coordinator
1998-08-06 Astra Superstars (SS) (アストラスーパースターズ) Sound Coordination

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