Area 3

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Area 3
Output - NES.svg
Blaster Master - NES - Area 3.png
Composer Naoki Kodaka
Arranger Naohisa Morota
Programmer Naohisa Morota, Shinichi Seya
Released 1988-06-17
Length 1:14
Format NSF.png
Game Blaster Master (NES)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

The music in Area 3 begins with a lofty sound which turns into a wonderful techno sound to match the futuristic theme of Area 3. It is the longest song in the area background music tracks.

The first pulse channel is used for the lead melody and handles both the call and response portion, the second channel handles the lower whole notes. The triangle channel is used for bass and, to some extant, percussion, the noise channel is used for drums, and the DMC channel is left unused.

This song is track 4 in the NSF file. The title is unofficial.