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Arc Developments
Arc Developments.png
Founded 1988
Headquarters UK
Not to be confused with the Japanese developer Arc System Works.

Arc Developments was a British game developer founded by Chris Coupe, Byron Nilsson, Paul Walker, and Richard Underhill in 1988 after they had disbanded from Elite Systems. They are known for converting computer games to home consoles. Arc Developments' most popular game was Johnny Bazookatone. The company closed its doors in 1998, just 10 years after its opening.

The company rarely put credits in their games. According to one of the developers, this was because they simply didn't care to add the polish of credits to their games, and also because most of their games were made by the same development teams.


Music Development


Mark Cooksey used his own custom format except for the game Forgotten Worlds, which uses its own sound engine. Martin Walker also used his own sound engine. Andi McGinty used ProTracker. It is unknown how Justin Scharvona made his music.


Andi McGinty was the only composer to make music for Arc Developments' MS-DOS games. According to Arc programmer Julian Scott, he programmed a sound driver in which Andi's MIDI files were converted to his sound engine.

Genesis / Mega Drive

Mark Cooksey programmed a sound driver and MIDI files were converted to his engine. The game Hurricanes (SMD) seems to use a different engine than Mark Cooksey's. It is believed either Derrick Owens, and/or Chris Coupe, with the possible assistance of Julian Scott, programmed its sound engine.

Game Gear/Sega Master System

Arc had two sound engines; One by Mark Cooksey, who created the sound driver and MIDI conversion tools. He would use Logic and Notator for his music.

A second sound engine was programmed by Chris Coupe. This sound engine was only used by Andi McGinty.

Audio Personnel