Antony Paton

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Antony Paton
Antony Paton - 1.png
Born Unknown
Birth Place England
Nationality British   UK.svg
Aliases Ant
Ant Paton
Anthony Paton
Anthony "General" Paton
Tony Paton

Antony Paton (also known as Anthony Paton) is an English video game musician. He was the main composer for Rockstar Games's handheld division Tarantula Studios, and as a result, he mostly composed solely for the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. He started off working for Spidersoft in the mid 90s.

Paton wrote his last video game soundtrack in 2004, and has not been credited in a video game since. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Music Composition


It is suspected Antony wrote MIDI files and converted them to a GBC sound driver. The driver was probably programmed by himself, based on some game credits.

Antony also used real songs in some games. For example, the Character Select music in Grand Theft Auto 2 is actually a Brazilian song known as "Chega De Saudade".


Released Title Sample Notes
1996-06-25 Total Pinball 3D (DOS)
1996-10-31 Pinball Builder: A Construction Kit (W16)
1996-??-?? Pinball Mania (DOS)
1998-12-?? Las Vegas Cool Hand (GBC)
1998-12-?? Montezuma's Return (GBC)
1998-12-?? Rats! (GBC)
1998-??-?? Cool Hand (GB)
1999-07-?? Space Station Silicon Valley (GBC)
1999-??-?? Hollywood Pinball (GBC)
1999-??-?? Reservoir Rat (GBC)
1999-??-?? Three Lions (GBC)
1999-11-?? Grand Theft Auto (GBC)
1999-12-?? Evil Knievel (GBC)
2000-03-?? The Muppets (GBC)
2000-09-?? Austin Powers: Oh, Behave! (GBC)
2000-09-18 Austin Powers: Welcome to my Underground Lair! (GBC)
2000-12-?? Grand Theft Auto 2 (GBC)
2000-12-18 Formula One 2000 (GBC)
2001-01-26 Oni (W32)
2001-01-29 Oni (PS2)
2001-04-25 Kiss Pinball (PS1) Sound Technician
2003-02-14 Stadium Games (GBA)
2004-09-22 Demon Driver: Time to Burn Some Rubber (GBA)
2004-09-28 Monster! Bass Fishing (GBA)
Unreleased Austin Powers: Why Make Millions... (GBC) Composer?
Unreleased Austin Powers: Yeah, Baby, Yeah! (GBC) Composer?
Unreleased Carrera (GBC) Composer?

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