Alistair Lindsay

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Alistair Lindsay
Alistair Lindsay - 1.jpg
Born 1969-04-21
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality English   England.svg
Not to be confused with Alastair Lindsay.

Alistair Lindsay is an English music composer and sound designer for games.

Alistair started working on video games in 1999 when he worked at Rare, and scored the music to their game Jet Force Gemini, as well as doing some work on a few other N64 titles by the company. In January 2008, he started working for Frontier Developments. There, he composed the music to RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. He left in April 2011. Since April 2015, Alistair has been running his own freelance music business.

Music Development

Lindsay said he used Cubase 4 for his RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 music so it can be assumed he used it for all his PC and/or Macintosh games.


Released Title Sample Notes
1999-09-30 Jet Force Gemini (N64) (スターツインズ)
2003-10-03 Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo (GC)
2003-10-31 Dog's Life (PS2) (ドッグズライフ)
2004-09-19 Dog's Life (W32)
2004-10-26 RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 (W32)
2004-11-05 EyeToy: Play 2 (PS2) (アイトーイプレイ2) Sound Design and Music Remixing
2005-03-04 Darwinia (W32) Sound Design and Production
2005-03-18 Darwinia (LIN) Sound Design and Production
2005-03-30 Darwinia (MAC) Sound Design and Production
2005-06-23 RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Soaked! (W32)
2005-10-27 RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Wild! (W32)
2006-09-01 Gangs of London (PSP)
2006-11-21 Thrillville (PS2)
2006-11-21 Thrillville (PSP)
2007-03-20 DEFCON: Global Nuclear Domination Game (W32)
2007-04-19 DEFCON: Global Nuclear Domination Game (MAC)
2007-10-09 Thrillville: Off the Rails (W32)
2008-05-12 LostWinds (W32)
2008-09-19 Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest (W32)
2010-02-10 Darwinia+ (W64) Sound Design and Production
2010-11-04 Kinectimals (X360) (Kinectアニマルズ)
2011-10-21 Kinectimals (WM)
2011-12-13 Kinectimals (IOS)
2013-08-16 Full Mojo Rampage (W64)
2013-11-22 Zoo Tycoon (XONE) Additional Music
2014-12-02 Lumino City (W64) Sound Design
2016-05-04 INKS (IOS)
2016-07-15 RimWorld (LIN)
2016-07-15 RimWorld (MAC)
2016-07-15 RimWorld (W64)
2017-05-25 Prison Architect (AND)
2018-01-23 Staxel (W64)
TBA Staxel (SW)
Unreleased The Outsider (PS3)

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