Akira Suda

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Akira Suda
Local 須田 あきら (すだ あきら)
Born Unknown
Birth Place Kawachinagano-shi, Osaka, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases A.Suda

Akira Suda is a Japanese composer and sound designer. He worked for Thinking Rabbit.


Released Title Platform
1991-??-?? Karate Blazers (ARC)
1993-01-29 Super Soukoban (SFC) (スーパー倉庫番)
1994-10-28 Illvanian no Shiro: Ruins of Illvanian (SFC) (イルバニアンの城)
2000-02-24 Blaster Master: Enemy Below (GBC) (メタファイトEX)
2017-??-?? TOSCA (AND)
2017-??-?? TOSCA (IOS)