Akinori Sawa

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Akinori Sawa
Akinori Sawa - 1.jpg
Local 沢彰記 (さわ あきのり)
Born 1954? April 6
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases みやび えいじ (Eiji Miyabi), E. Miyabi, A. Anderson, Neon Kidd, Zhangji, ねこの さかり (Nekono Sakari) (?)
Website Unknown

Akinori Sawa is a Japanese musician, known for his work at Culture Brain. He was one of the main composers at Culture Brain. After Shunichi Mikame left the company, Akinori started composing the music to all of their games, notably the Fist of the Flying Dragon games. While working there, he usually was credited as "Eiji Miyabi", which the programmers named him without his knowledge. He currently lives in Tokyo composing pop and rock music. He created a music group called "The Cremson Butterfly Music Room". He prefers to be called "Zhangji". Sawa is also fluent in Chinese.


Released Title Sample
1987-09-03 The Magic of Scheherazade (NES) (アラビアンドリームシェラザード)
1988-07-29 Hiryuu no Ken II: Dragon no Tsubasa (FC) (飛龍の拳Ⅱ ドラゴンの翼)
1989-10-27 Baseball Simulator 1.000 (NES) (超人ウルトラベースボール)
1990-04-20 Ninja Boy (GB) (スーパーチャイニーズランド)
1990-00-01 Little Ninja Brothers (NES)
1990-07-06 Hiryuu no Ken III: 5 Jin no Ryuu Senshi (FC) (飛龍の拳Ⅲ 5人の竜戦士)
1990-12-22 Fighting Simulator: 2-in-1 Flying Warriors (GB) (飛龍の拳外伝)
1991-02-?? Flying Warriors (NES)
1991-03-01 Super Chinese 3 (FC) (スーパーチャイニーズ3)
1991-06-21 Hiryuu no Ken Special: Fighting Wars (FC) (飛龍の拳スペシャル ファイティングウォーズ)
1991-07-12 Super Baseball 1.000 (SNES) (スーパーウルトラベースボール)
1991-11-29 Ninja Boy 2 (GB) (スーパーチャイニーズランド2)
1991-12-28 Super Ninja Boy (SFC) (スーパーニンジャボーイ)
1992-08-28 Ultra Baseball: Jitsumae-ban (SFC) (ウルトラベースボール実名版)
1992-12-11 Ultimate Fighter (SNES) (飛龍の拳S ハイパーバージョン)
1993-10-29 Super Chinese World 2: A Space Fighter Tournament (SFC) (スーパーチャイニーズワールド2 宇宙一武闘大会)
1994-06-17 SD Hiryuu no Ken (SFC) (SD飛龍の拳)
1994-07-28 Super Ultra Baseball (SFC) (スーパーウルトラベースボール2)
1994-08-26 Osu!! Karate-bu (SFC) (押忍!!空手部)
1994-12-22 Ultra Baseball Jitsumae-ban 2 (SFC) (ウルトラベースボール実名版2)
1995-01-13 Super Chinese Land 3 (GB) (スーパーチャイニーズランド3)
1995-04-14 SD Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden (GB) (SD飛龍の拳外伝)
1995-12-22 Super Chinese World 3 (SFC) (スーパーチャイニーズワールド3)
1996-09-13 Super Chinese Land 1-2-3 Dash (GB) (スーパーチャイニーズランド1・2・3)
1996-09-27 SD Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden 2 (GB) (SD飛龍の拳外伝2)
1997-07-17 Virtual Hiryu no Ken (PS1) (バーチャル飛龍の拳)
1997-12-18 Flying Dragon (N64) (飛龍の拳ツイン)
1998-06-19 Rantarou Nintama GB: Eawase Challenge Puzzle (GB) (忍たま乱太郎GB えあわせチャレンジパズル)
1999-04-30 SD Hiryuu no Ken EX (GBC) (SD飛龍の拳EX)
1999-12-24 Super Chinese Fighter EX (GBC) (スーパーチャイニーズファイターEX) Composer?
2000-12-22 Hiryuu no Ken Retsuden (GBC) (飛龍の拳 烈伝 GB)

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