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Amiga Custom Chip Paula 8364.jpg
Developer: MOS Technology
Released: 1985
Type: Chip

1.) PCM
2.) PCM
3.) PCM
4.) PCM

The MOS Technology 8364 also known as Paula is a chip which includes logic for audio playback, floppy disk drive control and serial port input/output. It was used in all models of the Commodore Amiga, the Commodore CDTV and the Amiga CD32.

A 8364 contains the following elements:

  • Digital to Analog converters: four signed 8-bit DMA-driven audio channels. Each of the channels have independent frequency and a 6-bit volume control. Channels 1 and 4 are hard left, channels 2 and 3 are hard right, which is a common complaint, especially with headphones.
  • Disk control: a disk controller to read/write data from/to a floppy disk.
  • UART control: a serial port controller to read/write data from/to a serial port.
  • Pot control: four general purpose I/O ports with counters for Analog to Digital conversion which can be used for reading out analog joysticks.
  • Interrupt control: handles internal and external interrupts
  • DMA request logic: requests DMA cycles from the system DMA controller for the audio and disk controllers

Emulation Status

Some Amiga emulators and MOD players (as MOD originated from the Amiga) allow to reduce the stereo separation and do so by default.